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For more than a quarter century, Policies issued by IAC™ Insurers and Programs developed by our Principals have been rated in the highest rating categories by the world’s leading rating agencies.
Our unique patented risk transformation and capital funding infrastructure are designed to benefit sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, governments, family offices, corporate entities, insurance companies, banks, asset managers, and project finance professionals.
Introducing IAC Cube™, a new approach to insurance, risk transacting and capital funding activities.
For Sponsor Organisations, IAC™ provides an advanced modular rapid deployment platform for creating and operating state-of-the-art risk and capital funding structures.
Insurance, Asset and Capital Markets Professionals may wish to consider accreditation through IAC™ Insurers.
The IAC Cube™ – the perfect counterpart to (r)IaaS™ (risk) Infrastructure as a Service™

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IGF Act Companies™


Douglas L. King

Chairman & Co-Founder


We hope you will find this collection an informative and instructive means of introducing, what for many, are new technologies in risk transfer, mitigation, asset portfolio valuation protection, digital assets and funding.

For more than a quarter of a century, the Principals of Investors Guaranty Fund, Ltd. (“IGF”) have been at the forefront of insurance securitisation, financial guaranty insurance, and alternative capital funding. Our development efforts in the convergence of insurance and capital markets have evolved an advanced, tested and fully operational infrastructure utility, designed to complement existing risk transfer and capital markets needs, while providing tools to address the challenges of evolving global financial and insurance markets. The “bedrock” foundational structure rests on the Investors Guaranty Fund, Ltd. (Policyholder Reserves) Act, 1991. The IGF Act is specialised legislation designed to establish the highest form of safety, security and assurance of timely payment. We hope this “introduction” will “pique” your interest in some of the solutions, technologies, tools and opportunities available through the IAC™ Insurers and (r)IaaS™ – (risk) Infrastructure as a Service™.

Celebrating 30+ Years

We are pleased to introduce “IGF Act Companies”

After 30 years of development, prototyping and operations of perhaps the most advanced insurance securitisation and capital funding platform, we are introducing this modular components-based platform and (risk) Infrastructure as a Service™ to insurance, asset and capital markets professionals.

We call each platform an “IAC Insurer™. Each platform can be configured as one of three types: “IGI” for insurance and reinsurance, “IFG” for financial insurance, or “IGA” for life|personal assurance and capital funding instruments. Together, the trio is an IAC Cube™ or “IAC3“.

Since 1985, Investors Guaranty Fund, Ltd. (IGF) and affiliated IAC™ Insurers have been providing global insurance and funding solutions, capital funding for development and expansion, and financial technologies to insurance and capital market institutions and intermediaries. IGF and its Principals are innovators in leading-edge financial technologies, holding worldwide patents on insurance securitisation, asset transformation, and loss mitigation technologies. IGF’s technologies and systems transform insurance risks, financial assets, intellectual property, real estate, and/or operating enterprises into statutorily segregated private placements, digital assets, book-entry debt and/or equity securities. From its beginnings as a financial guaranty insurance company, IGF has evolved into a diversified risk transformation platform assisting its clients through innovative financial solutions and strategic alliances.

At the core of the platform, is the IGF Act and the IAC™ Rules & Regulations which form the basis of the governance structure of operations for each IAC Insurer™ and the participants who interact on these advanced platforms.

With the introduction of (risk) Infrastructure as a Service™ utilising The IAC Cube™ of IAC™ Insurers, industry professionals (“Sponsors”) now have access to services, support and licensing necessary to form and operate this advanced insurance|risk|funding platform. Each IAC3 may be configured to meet their specific objectives.

For transactional participants as well as administrative and industry professionals, the proliferation of IAC™ Insurers is expected to provide opportunities to increase client base, revenue and services.

The information contained herein is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security. The information provided is qualified by the more detailed information contained in specific transactional information, disclosures and contractual documents. This document is for information purposes only. Copyright ©2009-2022 IGF Act Companies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.